Sunday, 24 October 2010

Verona (Something to remember)

Peter Gabriel Live
26th of September, 2010 – Arena di Verona
New Blood Tour

For the second time this year I had the pleasure to be present to a PG show! This time it was in a spectacular location, the ancient Arena di Verona, and that evening was special because of the opportunity to meet two RWR fellow remixers, HaveMercy and idefix.

Before to start, Peter did a little introduction to the show in italian, explaining how they created a new story using snippets of stories created by others (this is a little bit like remixing, I'd say!)

After this, Ane Brun with her guitar sang a couple of nice songs,


then there was a long break, about 15-30 minutes, I thought about technical problems due to video recording, but in Richard Chappell Tour Diary the story is a little bit different.

As in Paris, there were two big screens flanking the stage.
The first part of the concert was all with Scratch my back songs, starting from Heroes, ending with Fade Out, with little musical details different from the record.
Video effects were similar to the Paris ones, but not identical. I liked very much the mirrorball made of light points on the screen/curtain.


The boy in the bubble: same kind of geometrical images, but not identical to Paris. Only for Listening Wind all is exactly the same.
In The book of love cartoon, Peter lift the bridal veil, but discover himself, so he run away.


I remember a very intense interpretation for Fade out.
At the end of first part, they played Wallflower. He said this is a little bit different from usual, but without explaining why. Wallflower was very touching. Black and white images of Peter and of a violoncello, with an orange border on the screens.

Great concert!

Part two
San Jacinto
Peter inside the orbit of eagle’s eye, with a mirror, sends a ray of light towards the audience.
Digging in the dirt
Fly larves images. Rethinking about it, and differently from other PG songs, I think I prefer the original version than the orchestral one.
The Drop
It’s the first time I hear it live! Not at the piano but in orchestral version, beautiful, maybe even more beautiful than the original. On the screens the Up’s rag babies are falling down.
Signal to noise
Fantastic. To me it remains his most meaningful song. Long talked introduction about a photovoltaic central in France, little mirrors looking at the sun, and how the world would be if everybody could communicate each other like with cellphones. Ane Brun face, distorted by spectrograms like a Middleage Madonna, is remembering Munch’s Scream, or Waters’one.


Solsbury Hill maybe a little bit slower than usual?

Red Rain
Red drops on faces (video effect)
Red rain is always fabulous. It was funny to see how technicians produced those effects. There was a sort of scanner on which they applied a red fluid. In The rhythm of the heat (overwhelming song!)
they put mud, so the face on the screen is hidden by it.


Mercy street
Confused, disturbing images
Washing of the water
In duet with Melanie, I think this way is really great!



A “post it” on the screen asking if we want the encore…
It’s time to go down, a little bit closer…

In your eyes
Don’t give up

both with Ane Brun, very intense interpretation.

The nest thet sailed the sky
I was quite near to the stage…
He looked at the people with an empatic look. It seemed to me he was sad for not being able to do more, like missing a total fusion as in “Lay your hands” times.

This is more than I can take!
So, the moment has come for us all to go to sleep…

                                                                                     Paola AKA tethia
                                                                                      24 ottobre 2010


  1. Thanks for bringing back to mind all those details. You paid much better attention then i did! The pleasure of meeting you was all mine Paola :-)

    ps; what does 'Shared a 100%' mean?

  2. Thank you very much for your "remembering" report!

    As you already know, our position was not the best one to full appreciate the screen story, but this one is another history...



  3. Such detailed and interesting report. PG should hire you as an official tour reporter!

    All the best,

  4. Thank you guys, glad that you appreciated it :-)

  5. Hi Tethia,
    I was there.
    That was the fourth time I've seen PG live and probably the best one.
    Thank you so much for letting me live again those beautiful moments.
    As you surely have noticed the show was filmed. Hopefully the DVD will come soon.

    P.S. I filmed (rather badly) a couple of songs. You can find them here:
    together with some pieces taken from the Sting concert in Florence a few days ago (another great show).

  6. Ehi Maxwell,
    so there were plenty of Realworldremixers over there! :-)))
    Please post again the link for your video, because that one is not working. I'll be posting some other little snippet from Verona show on Youtube as soos as I can.
    And I have got something to tell about U2 show too :-)

  7. Sorry, this is the right link:

  8. Something to refresh the memory:

    PS: Did I understand this correctly: You BOUGHT that ticket? How comes?? ;-)

  9. Hey Andreas,
    nice link, thank you!
    Yes, you understood well, and that was well spent money :-)))
    But, er, few days later I had the opportunity to volunteer for ONE International...
    I remember that your advice was not to miss U2 360° tour... at that time I was pretty sure I'll have missed it... on the contrary in that occasion I was able to be present to that show!!!
    I hope to tell something about it soon, and to put some photos here... at the moment I just can say that your words were a very good omen to me!