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U2 show in Roma

8th october 2010 - U2 show, Stadio Olimpico - Roma (Something to remember)

More than a year has passed, trying to stole hours or even minutes to everyday life to tell about an amazing day. U2 were in Roma for their 360° tour, and two days before the show I was contacted by ONE International: they were looking for volunteers. It was a great opportunity to me, infact I already were losing hope to see that show.
ONE is a campaign and advocacy organisation with more than 2 million members around the world, that were co-founded by Bono and other campaigners.  They are nonpartisan and work to mobilise public opinion in support of tested and proven programs to fight poverty.  
"Meeting at 12 noon at gate a4 on Viale dei Gladiatori. See you then!"
So, I staid at the Stadio Olimpico from 12 noon until the end of the show; it was tiring, but fantastic at the same time.
We were about 20 volunteers, and basically we had to sign up new members .
Of course all the people I met there, they were great fan of U2: so it was funny to me to assist to all the crazy behaviour of them: the same things, I'd have do at a PG show, without PG. I adore U2 music of course, I think they're absolutely great, the best rock band in the world, but I'm not a fan this way  :-) 

Some shots I took during the soundcheck:

In the evening, the Stadio Olimpico was full!
And we were in the middle of it all!!!

It's time to start!

Lights are still turned on

Running Bono:


During 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For', all people attending to the show did a very beautiful choreography, representing an italian flag, an Irish flag, and the word 'ONE'. Bono appeared sincerely moved.

If one could use only one song for tell about all this show, I think this would be: 'Elevation'

It was all so incredible.........

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Peter and Steve

Photo © Maurizio Vicedomini

Read more about this meeting on Steve Hackett website...

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Roma (something to remember)

Steve Hackett Live
The 13th of May, 2011 - Roma, Teatro Tendastrisce

Steve Hackett (guitar and voice)
Roger King (keyboard)
Gary O'Toole (drum, percussions and voice)
Rob Townsend (sax and flute)
Nick Beggs (bass guitar)
Amanda Lehmann (guitar and backing vocals)

A pair of shots I took before the show:

I've never seen a Steve Hackett show before. It was a wonderful concert, two hours and a half of great music. The Tendastrisce was almost full, and among the public I was able to see members of the PFM, the great italian progressive rock band.

All the musicians were great; Steve introduced the guitarist Amanda Lehmann, that sang Shadow of the Hierophant

Note the beautiful plaits of Nick Beggs, the bass player :-)

They played many beautiful songs both from Steve solo career, and by Genesis.
The fantastic Everyday, and Watcher of the Skies, that was moving to me.

Even Fly on a winshield, and Squonk.

At a certain point he said: if you wish to sing: Carpet Crawlers!

I remember Firth of Fifth.
And a beautiful guitar medley, with Horizons, and a very fleeting reference to Dancing with the Moonlit Knight. Then Blood on the Rooftops. Steve sang only his own songs. Genesis songs were interpreted by the drummer Gary O'Toole, great! His young and very beautiful voice made these songs still alive!

Also a beautiful stick bass guitar solo by Nick Beggs.

I was at the first row of chairs. Toward the end I sat down on the floor, just under the stage, few steps from them: it was fantastic, a real dream!

They said goodbye, and after some minutes they came out again for the encore, that I saw with my elbows on the stage!
Then the drummer played a very intense solo:

...with Steve at his side, in the dark...!


After the show, I staid there for some time to see how they were dismantling the stage.
Rob Townsend came out at this point.

Then, together with other people, I went near the big door where they'd have to go out; there were some bouncers.
The drummer came out before, then Steve. He was so kind to sign autographs for all the people waiting (me included!)
I'd have wanted to compliment to the drummer too, but he had already gone. Drummer, if by chance you are passing by this blog, I want to say to you: you're great! Keep on playing/singing this way!!!

                                                                                          Paola AKA tethia
                                                                                          21 maggio 2011

Some words about the show at Steve Hackett's Official Website