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The Monkey's Year - Maxwell

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Indaba Holiday Album Contest

Here's tethia's submission for this contest. Please have a listen, and vote if you like it!

Giulia's song (Dashing through the snow)

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Verona (Something to remember)

Peter Gabriel Live
26th of September, 2010 – Arena di Verona
New Blood Tour

For the second time this year I had the pleasure to be present to a PG show! This time it was in a spectacular location, the ancient Arena di Verona, and that evening was special because of the opportunity to meet two RWR fellow remixers, HaveMercy and idefix.

Before to start, Peter did a little introduction to the show in italian, explaining how they created a new story using snippets of stories created by others (this is a little bit like remixing, I'd say!)

After this, Ane Brun with her guitar sang a couple of nice songs,


then there was a long break, about 15-30 minutes, I thought about technical problems due to video recording, but in Richard Chappell Tour Diary the story is a little bit different.

As in Paris, there were two big screens flanking the stage.
The first part of the concert was all with Scratch my back songs, starting from Heroes, ending with Fade Out, with little musical details different from the record.
Video effects were similar to the Paris ones, but not identical. I liked very much the mirrorball made of light points on the screen/curtain.


The boy in the bubble: same kind of geometrical images, but not identical to Paris. Only for Listening Wind all is exactly the same.
In The book of love cartoon, Peter lift the bridal veil, but discover himself, so he run away.


I remember a very intense interpretation for Fade out.
At the end of first part, they played Wallflower. He said this is a little bit different from usual, but without explaining why. Wallflower was very touching. Black and white images of Peter and of a violoncello, with an orange border on the screens.

Great concert!

Part two
San Jacinto
Peter inside the orbit of eagle’s eye, with a mirror, sends a ray of light towards the audience.
Digging in the dirt
Fly larves images. Rethinking about it, and differently from other PG songs, I think I prefer the original version than the orchestral one.
The Drop
It’s the first time I hear it live! Not at the piano but in orchestral version, beautiful, maybe even more beautiful than the original. On the screens the Up’s rag babies are falling down.
Signal to noise
Fantastic. To me it remains his most meaningful song. Long talked introduction about a photovoltaic central in France, little mirrors looking at the sun, and how the world would be if everybody could communicate each other like with cellphones. Ane Brun face, distorted by spectrograms like a Middleage Madonna, is remembering Munch’s Scream, or Waters’one.


Solsbury Hill maybe a little bit slower than usual?

Red Rain
Red drops on faces (video effect)
Red rain is always fabulous. It was funny to see how technicians produced those effects. There was a sort of scanner on which they applied a red fluid. In The rhythm of the heat (overwhelming song!)
they put mud, so the face on the screen is hidden by it.


Mercy street
Confused, disturbing images
Washing of the water
In duet with Melanie, I think this way is really great!



A “post it” on the screen asking if we want the encore…
It’s time to go down, a little bit closer…

In your eyes
Don’t give up

both with Ane Brun, very intense interpretation.

The nest thet sailed the sky
I was quite near to the stage…
He looked at the people with an empatic look. It seemed to me he was sad for not being able to do more, like missing a total fusion as in “Lay your hands” times.

This is more than I can take!
So, the moment has come for us all to go to sleep…

                                                                                     Paola AKA tethia
                                                                                      24 ottobre 2010

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This summer I discovered this beautiful song.

The version of this song I liked very much was performed by the Inca/Peruvian singer Qary Bastidas, unfortunately I haven't found his cover on the WWW.


Ananau (Quechua)
Ananau, ananau nispaniwashkanky
ñuqallapiñam chay ñawiky.
Ananau, ananau nispaniwashkanky
wiñaypaqchum ñuqa qawasqaiky
May runallam kakuchkanky
kaycunallapy waqanaypaq.
Wañuptyqa ñakawanky
manam munanichu chay pasayta.

Traducción (Espagnol)

¡Ay! qué dolor, como duele me estás diciendo.
Sólo sobre mí están tus ojos que son mis ojos.
¡Ay! que dolor, duele mucho me estás diciendo.
Crees que es para creer que yo te estoy viendo.
Que hombre creerás que soy
que en estos lugares estoy llorando.
Si muero me extrañarás
pero yo no quiero que eso pase.

Translation: Spanish » Romanian [Google Translate]

Au! Ce durere, cum doare tu-mi spui.
Numai despre mine este că ochii tăi sunt ochii mei.
Au! că durerea este mare imi spui.
Cred că este de a crede că eu sunt cu ochii la tine.
Cine crede că eu sunt un om
că, în aceste locuri am plâns.
Dacă voi muri mi-e dor de
dar nu vreau să se întâmple asta. 

[Posted by joju-ro user on Quechuan Language and Lyrics Forum - Flickr]

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Inter for Emergency

Dall'8 al 21 luglio weekend inclusi, dalle ore 10 alle 21 (il 14 luglio fino alle ore 17), i tifosi potranno scattare la loro foto ricordo con la Coppa dei Campioni d'Europa e al tempo stesso donare il proprio contributo a favore della costruzione di un Centro pediatrico per offrire assistenza sanitaria ai bambini fino a 14 anni di età a Goma, nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo, in un'area dove la guerra ha portato 500 mila profughi.
Bastano 5 euro per contribuire a questo progetto, 10 se si desidera che la foto venga scattata e stampata da un fotografo professionista a disposizione del pubblico.

Dall'8 al 21 luglio
Tutti i giorni, dalle 10 alle 21 - il 14 luglio fino alle ore ore 17
Esposizione della Coppa della Champions League
Sala delle Colonne della Banca Popolare di Milano, via San Paolo 12, Milano

Per sostenere il Centro pediatrico di Emergency a Goma:

Conto corrente bancario intestato a EMERGENCY presso Banca Popolare di Milano n. 63500
IBAN IT37 O 05584 01600 000000063500

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The Voice Project - Peter Gabriel covering Tom Waits' "In The Neighborhood

Peter Gabriel » Tom Waits from The Voice Project on Vimeo.

Safe Passage

Safe Passage is a game created by Gisha to inform about the legal and military measures that Israel uses to implement its policy of separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Real World Remixed Online again


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tethia remixed

@ccMixter, debbizo used Walking_running_flying! in two remixes.

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Nikon Small World

Showcasing the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope.


Music, memory and emotion

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Emergency workers are free!

Summary of the demonstration in Roma, Piazza San Giovanni

Diego Cugia speech

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Bercy (something to remember)

One evening of last January I was navigating the web. On website there was a competition, one could win tickets for a date of the New Blood Tour. Some time before, I have been very lucky, because, thanks to Bower &Wilkins website, I won two tickets for Dengue Fever concert at Real World Studios. In that occasion I even met Peter in person... in short, something unrepeatable happened to me.
So, it would be impossible to me to win again... “Oh, well, at least I can dream!” I said to myself, while answering to the little question for the competition.
On the 15th of February, PG assistant sent to me an e-mail, telling that my dream was becoming real (again!).
This is a little story about this real dream.

Peter Gabriel concert
22nd of March 2010 – Palais Omnisport Paris Bercy

h 15: Soundcheck
After some familiar vicissitudes, on sunday the 21st of March I flight from Roma to Paris with a friend, and on monday afternoon we are in queue to assist to the soundcheck of the concert! This was beautiful, very moving and also instructive. Everybody would have to be able to see the setting for a concert at least once in a lifetime, to have an idea of all the work and the effort below! The audience was about one hundred people. Peter, Melanie, Ane Brun, and the whole Radio France Orchestra were rehearsing on the stage. It was nice to see them 'behind the scenes'. Peter was talking to chorus singers, to technicians, to the conductor (Ben Foster) and to the arranger (John Metcalfe). He appeared very, very serious, maybe also a little bit tense.
When we came in, they already were all there; he said hello to us. Every now and then he involved us in a song they were rehearsing. They were singing at low voice, without effort.
Soundcheck tracklist (not in order):
Heroes, Mirrorball, My body is a cage, Dowside up (with Melanie), Listening wind, Don't give up (with Ane Brun), Washing of the water interpreted by Melanie: very beautiful – but I like very much this song!
Peter, on going, said to the audience something like “See you later”. Afterwards, the brass played Flume. At this point, someone said we have to go out.
And when we were going, I heard they were starting to play Sledgehammer!

h 20: The Concert
One of the best PG concerts I had the fortune and the pleasure to be present at – if not the best!
I've got so many things to tell: musics, sounds, images, surprises and emotions.
At 19:55 Peter appeared on the stage;
talking in French, he introduced Ane Brun. He will talk in French during all the show (while during the soundcheck he was talking in English, but he was addressing mostly to the techicians).
Ane Brun, alone with her guitar, sang two beautiful songs, two folk/romantic ballads.
Behind her there was a big screen, that also worked as a curtain because it could go up and down.
In this way the orchestra could enter the stage in a way few visible by the audience. We were in the first row of the stand at the left of the stage, slightly elevated, and we could observe easily Peter's and orchestra movements.
Ane Brun said thanks to Peter, she said that it was a great honour to sing with him. “Thanks for listening”, and she has gone.
 After a some minute interval, the concert started. The entry on stage was exceptional: the screen-curtain elevate, and the orchestra start playing Sledgehammer. I think: “Really strange, as first song...”, public already in raptures, Peter come in triumphant, as marching on those fantastic notes ... after some bars Peter lowers his arm and stop! all stops, it was only a joke. Peter says: “Sledgehammer c'est fait, ce soir nous avons quelque chose different”.
The audience laugh surprised, the scene in effect was almost clownish.
Since this moment, a tracklist starts, comprising all the songs from Scratch my back, without exception and in the same order of the record.
Heroes is intense and moving, Peter is already at 100% with his voice!
There are two big screens at both sides of the stage, that are showing close-up of PG in black and white, or stage/orchestra details. Moreover, on the three screens behind the orchestra one can see various kind of images always related with the theme of any song. Images of the bigger screen (“curtain”) seem electron microscopy photos, like the erytrocytes on the Scratch my back cover.
The boy in the bubble
Very beautiful, geometric images, white lines like ripple marks and a red rectangle.
To me the most touching in the first part of the concert.
Very beautiful. Played by Tom Cawley, the pianist. Peter's voice is great.
Listening Wind
I love this song!
On the three big screens far back, a man, a child, and a woman. Looking at them with attention, one can see they aren't photos, but it's a video, in which the three protagonists are practically motionless. Then, the curtain-screen goes down, and it does a body scanning. This setting is very dramatic; the curtain acts as a body-scanner, by framing step by step a section of the body.
Fantastic song, and images totally appropriate with the song's meaning.
The power of the heart
The book of love (Melanie Gabriel and Ane Brun backing vocals)
Splendid cartoon with stylized images of a little man and a little woman, and of the book of love. I hope it will become the official video for this song!
My body is a cage
Après moi
I think it's going to rain today
Street spirit very, very beautiful.
Peter said that this was the first half of the concert, they will come back in some minute: “A bientôt”.
It was about 21:15.
After a short interval, I start to hear a known, obsessive sound... It's the intro of a song that I know... it's San Jacinto, “my” song!!! in a marvellous orchestral version! The second half of the concert will be like this: all of the most beautiful songs of PG in an orchestral version! To me this is a fantastic surprise, music will be gripping during most of the show, and I will often regret I have to sit down. San Jacinto. A ray of light started from down, lighting his face, that on the screens appear like a totem's owlet. At the end, he used a mirror ro reflect horizontally that ray on the public. San Jacinto. A sort of owl mask on the curtain-screen and Peter like a living totem. Sublime.
Other songs – not in order:
The rhythm of the heat
Wonderful; final percussions by timpani, totally deafening and wonderful. On screens, desert and Africa images.
Digging in the dirt
False start: Peter after few seconds raise his hand, stops the orchestra, and says that “l'ordinateur ne marche plus”! laughters... after a pair of minutes all starts again! Thanks to the technician, and it's again Digging in the dirt: music into the silence! Great song, fantastic arrangement. On the background, images of worms, maybe larves of flesh flies. A silver ball came down from above, it was a camcorder. He framed himself, like he used to do on stage, then the audience, by leaving the camcorder free to oscillate/rotate.
And someone must explain to me why an entire orchestra have to stop if the computer doesn't work! :-)
Downside up
In duet with Melanie

Stupend! on screens, inside some squares (5x5), there are close-up positive/negative of PG in 3 colors, sky blue white black. Peter explained he wrote this song for a young man that was tortured, that he met thanks to Amnesty International.
Introduced as a “song about fear”, very beautiful orchestral version
Melanie sang alone Washing of the water, one of the songs I like more; I much liked her interpretation.
Signal to noise
Absolute masterpiece. This time, unlike other concerts I attended to, without the recorded voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Images of Peter and of other musicians, distorted by acustic waves or spectrograms. Fantastic matching of images and music, still very appropriated.
Blood of Eden
Very beautiful, final break like in the other live versions.
Don't give up
With Ane Brun, very good.
Solsbury Hill
“Now something more joyful”
Very joyful indeed. Peter was jumping like an elf around the orchestra and the singers, white light everywhere. The audience: bum bum bum!
In the finale the orchestra mixed it with the Ode to Joy!
A little break before the encore.

Music starts again: In your eyes. They are still all behind the curtain, but you can hear a known voice, doing some trill: the screen goes up, and Peter has a mirrorball-cap. Next by him, white-dressed, no doubt, there is Youssou N' Dour!!!
They sing together, and they dance a little bit, like they were two kids.
Audience standing, someone starts to get near the stage.

Then he said: “Quelque chose pour bye bye”.
And they executed The nest that sailed the sky. So beautiful and peaceful! Video of the child inside the nest, sailing the river (from OVO).
It's an instrumental, and so he left the stage. At the end, we hear some little note on the piano. It was dark, but looking at the big screen there were other hands that from the pianist; I said to myself: “I know these hands”! so I looked better and I understood: he played to us another little joke...

He said hello and he left the stage, I saw him in the semi-darkness, embracing some people, friends or relatives, who knows...!

about h 23: after the concert
When all ended, we stayed some minute watching what was happening. Immediately, all was swarming with technicians and workers starting to dismantle all, from screens to chairs of the parterre. still having the passes of the afternoon, we went down, near the stage. There were about 12-15 people chatting, waiting near the barrier. Over it, the huge boucers. I've noticed a beautiful young man that was joking. I looked at him, and I said to my friend: It seems to me he's Daby Tourè!
I went near to him, and I asked with my uncertain English... “Yes” he answered, I shaked his hand “Nice to meet you” smiling, very happy. He was very very kind and did a big smile. His handshake was very energetic and joyful!
We talked a little, he appeared surprised that I came there from Italy. I told him about when I saw him in concert with Peter at Roma (Capannelle) in 2004. I talked about my remixes, he asked to me what was last song I remixed, but my brain was totally fogged at that point, and I wasn't be able to say anything coherent!
In the meantime, they opened the barrier; everybody is entering, and Daby says: “Come in!”; while walking, I think that Peter will be somewhere, back there!
Just some step, a few meters, and one of these boucers start crying in our direction that no, we don't have the VIP pass!!
Damn!!! I think this never would happen in Italy... I don't know if it's good or bad, but...
Daby did a sad face, I shrugged my shoulders and “Say hello to Peter!” I said.
And so we had to go; all the doors being already closed, they took us to the exit...
Well, I was very happy for having met Daby. I much admire him as an artist, and now I know he's a nice person too. Maybe I'll write to him, so I'll be able to say what song I remixed last. My dream is like a mirrorball, a lot of shining faces.
                                                                     Paola AKA tethia
                                                                        12 aprile 2010

PS On YouTube Beluga 1968 user posted lots of very beautiful videos of both the soundcheck and the concert, have a look!

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Please sign the Emergency petition

On Saturday, April 10, soldiers of the Afghan army and the International Coalition Forces attacked the Emergency Surgical Centre of Lashkar-gah and arrested members of the national and international staff. Three of them are Italian citizens: Matteo Dell'Aira, Marco Garatti e Matteo Pagani.

EMERGENCY is an independent and neutral organisation. Since 1999, EMERGENCY in Afghanistan has provided medical assistance free-of-charge to over 2,500,000 Afghan citizens, by establishing three surgical hospitals, a maternity centre and a network of 28 first aid posts.

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Tethia on YouTube!

Listening is believing :-)

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Music for Relief

A compilation of unreleased music. Peter Gabriel's recording of 'Heroes' from Scratch My Back' has now replaced 'Make Tomorrow Today' as a download in aid of Haiti earthquake relief.

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Baaba Maal - Sidiki

Sorry for the video....