Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New New Blood Poster


  1. Ok, now you're on my territory :-). I find the idea of the caged bird in a veigned (?) human body really great, but i'm afraid i don't like the visualisation of it. What's this poster used for? It's certainly not a stronger image then those 2 bloodcells - which i really like a lot. What do you yourself think mrs. T?

  2. I like very much the idea (and yes they're veins I think!), and I like the visualisation too.
    Yes, the 2 red blood cells dancing, or kissing, or whatever(!) they're absolutely great! But a human body made by empty veins, where all the blood seems to be flown in a red red bird, a "body like a cage", and all those hidden sounds as the radiation point for all vibrations and energy... yes I like very much the image and I absolutely share this point of view ! :-)