Saturday, 31 October 2009

All you need is love - Bandaged together

Featuring Peter Gabriel!

All you need is love - Bandaged together


  1. Wow!

    How did you find this one? I did not hear anything of this charity. Musically, hmm, let's say '3 stars', but fun to listen, fun to watch, and always a pleasure to hear the voice of the "maestro" himself, even in a side-project.


  2. Hi Andreas,
    it was easier that you can imagine: simply, it was in PG site news (I don't know why it is different from RWR news)!
    Thank you for posting :-)

  3. Hi Tethia

    Thought i would drop on by and give you some personal festive cheer!

    I hope you christmas will be blessed with the things that only an open fire, a swig of brandy and a mincepie could provide..

    love to you and the family

    The Rizkey G

    P.S. Keep them tune banging into the 2010 :-D

  4. Hi Rizkey,
    no mincepies over here, but lots of sweets!
    Thank you very much for posting and have a great 2010!!!

  5. happy new year ! :-)

    just looking out the window and its snow !!!

    but the conditions arent as bad as what im watchig on Ice Road Truckers on the tv at the moment... but with all the accidents that english drivers have had to would think the conditions are worse lol

    riz :-)

  6. :-))) Happy New Year again! :-)