Monday, 11 June 2012


Hello Real World Remixers. This is to let you know that we are moving onwards and upwards. Real World Remixed is moving and changing form. So for now, try not to start any new remixes as our packs may be changing. Watch this space… our new base is coming soon. Many thanks, Real World Remixed Team.
Real World Remixed website


  1. "Real World Remixed is changing…

    Real World Remixed is undergoing some major changes. It will be back within the next couple of weeks, with a new home, new look and some new remixes. Watch this space…"

    It was high time...

  2. and meanwhile drink a coffee or something.
    Saw your ccmixter-remix and tried to listen 2 times but got interrupted. Listen again tomorrow and comment. Good for you that you did another remix.
    Ciao, N

  3. It seems RealWorldRemixed and Peter Gabriel websites are offline for maintenance today. We can expect some good news maybe?!?
    In the meanwhile, is always good to keep on remixing! ;-)

  4. RIP RWR. I miss you!!!

  5. "Real World Remixed is moving and changing form" they said. But what they didn't say, is that they would bury it. I'm very disappointed.
    All that great music, years of words and emotions spent over there, and now all disappears. This is not fair. Maybe we would have to ask the webmaster for an explanation.