Monday, 23 July 2012

The End of Real World Remixed Website?

...And so, Real World Remixed Website no longer exists.
These are rather bad news. Ok, ok, the site wasn't so active lately. But I don't think it was remixers' fault, infact it was managed in a very questionable way, with long periods of carelessness.
For a relatively short period - a pair of years, more or less - a bizarre community grew up around that site. Very talented people, and with sense of humour too (the two things are not always found together!)
Now, it is not possible anymore to listen to the thousands of remixes over there, and some of them were just wonderful. It's really a waste. It isn't not clear if it will be possible to post them again at soundcloud or elsewhere; but all the comments will be lost in any case.
Personally, I had a lot of fun in the past, reading the remixes' comments, or many crazy forum threads; now all these words disappeared. I won't read them again, and this is very sad to me.
I don't understand the reason to cancel even the memory of such a nice community.
Members are now dispersed along the many paths of their real and virtual lives, but I believe that everyone stored in the deep of their heart joys and pains of his RWR adventure.

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